Who’s That Girl? The Secret Identity of my Cover Girl

high heel cookies

A lot of people have asked me if the face on the cover of my book, The Tokyo Cover Girls belongs to me. I get it. With my youthful skin and sleek physique, I basically look like I’m still a teenager. Alas, I thought I should probably give credit to my cover model and introduce […]

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My Self-Publishing Experiment: THE COVER

First off, let’s be clear: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. However, I spent enough time waiting for boys to call when I was 15 (note to teen self: they never do) to know when it’s time to stop doing the same thing with literary agents. That’s right, I have decided to embark on […]

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Things that inspire me to write #94: My fifteen year-old diary

I filled a lot of scruffy looking notebooks like this one with observations and thoughts on life throughout my teenage years–such as this one from my second trip to Japan at 17. And yes, the pack-rat that I am I still have most of them. A few months ago I hauled them out of my storage unit […]

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