Trailer Reveal: As You Lay Sleeping by Katlyn Duncan


As You Lay Sleeping: A YA Thriller by Katlyn Duncan Book Summary I did it all for you… Cara’s boyfriend is dead. When fingers start pointing at her, she knows she’s in more trouble than she originally thought. Because Cara can see that something isn’t right. As her carefully constructed life begins to crumble, Cara […]

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Video: The real life events behind my mystery/thriller


Did you know that the novel Jaws was based on a true story? Yeah. I didn’t want to know that either (goodbye swimming FOREVER). There is nothing to make a creepy story even creepier than knowing IT ACTUALLY happened. In honour of  Mystery Thriller Week, I have put together this vid to share the real […]

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Girl on the Brink: Mystery Thriller Week Book Review


It’s books like these that make me realize how lucky Bella was that Edward didn’t turn out to be a creep underneath all that undead skin (Seriously. Just imagine the stalking potential from a guy that can watch you through your bedroom window–even if it happens to be on the top of 50-storey tower). The main […]

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The Life Group: Blog Tour and Giveaway


Title: The Life Group Author: Maura Jortner Publication Date: Jan. 9, 2017 Find: Amazon | Goodreads | B&N Summary ONE MISSING GIRL. NO SUSPECTS. Every day since her sister vanished, Rachel has visited the radical church where Leah was last seen. There are still no suspects or leads, but Rachel’s positive clues lie in that church somewhere. […]

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Exposing (insta) Lies: Five Models Confess the Truth about their Instagram Addictions


We all like getting likes, right? Sadly, for fashion models collecting Instagram followers isn’t just a hobby but something they are forced to do to promote their careers. The result is a lot of pretty pictures that hide a much darker reality. These five models are sharing the truth about Instagram and the modelling life. 1. Essena […]

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Book Review: Do You Want to be a Model?, a fashion memoir by Ines Crnokrak Skerlic


There is something totally fascinating about seeing bad things happen to pretty people–especially when there is tons of gore involved. Enter Do You Want to be a Model?, the real-life story of a young Serbian teen navigating her way through the stuff of fashion nightmares–from model apartments that would make your skin crawl (literally) to embezzlement-prone fashion agents with a […]

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Halloween Giveaway: A Pair of Wickedly Cute Earrings


Hello Darlings, Dead bodies, cupcakes, and ultra-cute Japanese cartoon animals? If I had designed a pair of earrings based on my novel,The Tokyo Cover Girls, they would look like this. So, to celebrate their fabulousness (and yours) I’m giving away three sets on October 31. For a chance to win follow me on twitter, on instagram, or simply like this […]

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