Film Review: The Model


The Model, directed by Danish filmmaker Mads Matthiesen, is about an emerging model’s dark journey into the Paris fashion industry. The main character, a 16-year old Danish girl named Emma, spins out of control after getting dumped by her photographer boyfriend, and winds up living her worst nightmare.

As you might have noticed by now, I’m a bit of a sucker for blood-soaked glitter. With predators lurking in every corner of the castle-hosted soirees and haute couture shoots studded throughout, The Model had plenty of exactly that.

The Model
Which version is creepier? The American shadow edit or Danish lipstick smear?

However, that was about all it had.

I think part of the fascination people have with the modeling world is that most of us know very little of how it works. As a former model who only worked in Asia, I was hoping this movie would reveal something new and interesting about the Paris market, or about modeling in general. Instead, it delivered nothing but tired characters and a done-before plot. You know you know it: creepy photographer, sweet hometown boyfriend, and questionable agent all compete for the attention of an ambitious but insecure young girl. Basically, it was Melissa Walker’s Violet on The Runway but in Paris and slightly more disturbing (which reminds me, this movie has some serious sexual violence that may not be appropriate for young viewers).

Still, for those of us with an unnatural appetite for all things deadly and fabulous, there’s no point pretending: The Model could have been made by the same folks who did Dumb and Dumber and we’d still be compelled to see it. So go ahead and watch it bitches, that’s why I love you.





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