Halloween Giveaway: A Pair of Wickedly Cute Earrings

Hello Darlings, Dead bodies, cupcakes, and ultra-cute Japanese cartoon animals? If I had designed a pair of earrings based on my novel,The Tokyo Cover Girls, they would look like this. So, to celebrate their fabulousness (and yours) I’m giving away three sets on October 31. For a chance to win follow me on twitter, on instagram, or simply like this […]

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5 Things in Your Closet That Could Kill You

lipstick with knife

Forget the boogey man. Though the real threats lurking in your bedroom closet or bathroom cabinet may be a lot cuter than the fat green monster that terrorized your childhood, they are also a lot deadlier. From foot ware to cosmetics, check out these 5 things you use everyday that are way more lethal than you could imagine. 1. […]

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Literary agent webinars: dream makers or advantage takers?

I received several notices about webinars offering ‘exclusive’ access to literary agents in my email this week. I’m not sure whether to be excited—or irritated. When I was fourteen my mother made me an appointment to see a modeling agent. The agent’s name was Dyan and after taking my photo and measurements she apparently decided that […]

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