Things that inspire me to write #6: Paint Chips

Photo by Abraxas3d. Some rights reserved .

I like pretty colors as much as the next girl, however what I love even more than a perfectly balanced purplish grey are the words paint companies come up with to describe it.

Corn silk yellow, ice sculpture blue, buttered yam orange, Queen Anne pink and of course Misty Memories Violet.

Leafing through a catalog of paint chips is like leafing through catalog of metaphors, adjectives, and similes.  And yes, sometimes when I’m feeling a little creatively drained, I go in there and steal a few. I’m sure Mr. Moore wouldn’t mind.

So thank you paint chips, you inspire me.

2 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #6: Paint Chips

  1. You certainly open yourself up to inspiration from many and varied sources. Actually, I may borrow this idea when I re-write my novella. I’m finding that writing the first draft, I’m focusing so hard on getting the dialogue and gestures right that I’m not even bothering with descriptive setting. I probably won’t add much, but a “cedar bluff” wall here or a “tender twilight” table there might enhance some readers experience – like yours!

  2. Ha ha, glad to be of use…I do love the names they come up with (and hello how can I get that job). In fact, crayola crayons have a fun variety as well. Though you do need to use them very selectively…somehow I don’t think Chicken broth is going to make the cut for me. Thanks for reading!

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