Things that inspire me to write #7: Rachel Vincent’s idea fog



Anything two feet ahead of me no longer exists and the sky is a constant slate of white. The fog has settled on my part of the world and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon–and I’m starting to think that may not be such a bad thing.

In the acknowledgements section of Before I Wake, author Rachel Vincent thanks  her husband for putting up with the “mental fog  [she] walks around in midbook.”

Thinking of Rachel’s idea fog as I was sitting at my computer this morning and staring out the window made me rethink my position on this most grey and blurry weather.  Sure, the fog may shut me out of world and all the sights it offers, but it also shuts me in to another equally special one: the world of ideas. After all, if there’s nothing to look at out there, the only place I can look is inward.

So thank you fog, you inspire me.

8 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #7: Rachel Vincent’s idea fog

  1. Ha ha, I have yet to come to any bliss, aside of course for the occasional chocolate break. Thanks for the reblog!

    1. Thanks! Gotta find the bright side of life sometimes…or in this case, the super grey, not so bright side…ha ha.

  2. One of the places I used to do my best writing was in my unfinished basement, staring at nothing but brick walls and a stone floor. It’s nice to have scenic mountains or oceans for breaks, but when I write I’d rather not have anything distracting me from the words.

    Good post.

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