5 Things in Your Closet That Could Kill You

lipstick with knife

Forget the boogey man. Though the real threats lurking in your bedroom closet or bathroom cabinet may be a lot cuter than the fat green monster that terrorized your childhood, they are also a lot deadlier. From foot ware to cosmetics, check out these 5 things you use everyday that are way more lethal than you could imagine.

1. High-Heels

sequins and high heels

I doubt there is a girl out there who hasn’t fallen flat on her butt thanks to these toe-pinchers at least once (and if you’re like me, it was probably right in front of some smoking hot boy). Even professional high-heel wearers are known to take a dive on the catwalk every once in a while thanks to a particularly perilous pair of Prada pumps. However, what can be a source of mild embarrassment can quickly turn deadly as one unfortunate 16-year-old from England who was killed after she tripped on her high-heels and fell into a subway track.

sequins and mascara

2. Mascara

Sure, sharing mascara wands with your bestie may put you at risk of developing a staph infection, but that’s nothing compared to what some women have suffered. In the 1930s, one brand of an aniline-based eyelash dye called Lash Lure caused 16 cases of blindness and one death. Um, somehow I don’t think this one was tested on animals…

gold cream

3. Face Cream

24k gold, caviar and platinum—the world’s most expensive skin creams contain some pretty weird ingredients. And while they probably do very little in terms of erasing wrinkles and obliterating Crow’s Feet all Gargamel-at-the-beauty-counter-style,  at least they won’t kill you. The same can’t be said about a certain unnamed skin cream purchased in Mexico by a Tuscan family. The cream contained so much mercury a child had to be hospitalized after being exposed to the substance.

satin and crab's eye necklace

4. Beaded Necklaces

There is nothing like a fabuloso statement necklace to turn an outfit from fine to fine. But be careful of what you hang around your throat. Despite their ruby like appearance, the red and black seeds used to make necklaces and bracelets popular in the Caribbean are twice as poisonous as RICIN. Consumption of the seeds can lead to kidney failure and death.

jeans and sequins

5. Skinny Jeans

Has your mom ever taken one look at your super cute short shorts and ordered you to put on some pants for god’s sake? If so, she may be risking your life. Skinny jeans may offer a lot more coverage but due to their tight fit they can also bleeding muscles, nerve damage and even death. One woman discovered this the hard way when she lost feeling in her legs and feet and fell to the ground after wearing the super snug slacks for an extended period of time. The numbness was so severe she was unable to move and lay helpless on the floor for several hours before someone discovered her. Though she has since successfully recovered, things could have gotten a lot uglier if her pant-tastrophe had happened somewhere more isolated.

3 thoughts on “5 Things in Your Closet That Could Kill You

    1. Luckily we don’t have to worry about going blind from mascara anymore–unless of course you attempt to apply it while driving and crash into a garbage truck. That could get very ugly.

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