Exposing (insta) Lies: Five Models Confess the Truth about their Instagram Addictions

We all like getting likes, right? Sadly, for fashion models collecting Instagram followers isn’t just a hobby but something they are forced to do to promote their careers. The result is a lot of pretty pictures that hide a much darker reality. These five models are sharing the truth about Instagram and the modelling life. 1. Essena […]

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Book Review: Do You Want to be a Model?, a fashion memoir by Ines Crnokrak Skerlic

There is something totally fascinating about seeing bad things happen to pretty people–especially when there is tons of gore involved. Enter Do You Want to be a Model?, the real-life story of a young Serbian teen navigating her way through the stuff of fashion nightmares–from model apartments that would make your skin crawl (literally) to embezzlement-prone fashion agents with a […]

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Film Review: The Model


The Model, directed by Danish filmmaker Mads Matthiesen, is about an emerging model’s dark journey into the Paris fashion industry. The main character, a 16-year old Danish girl named Emma, spins out of control after getting dumped by her photographer boyfriend, and winds up living her worst nightmare. As you might have noticed by now, I’m a bit […]

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Who’s That Girl? The Secret Identity of my Cover Girl

high heel cookies

A lot of people have asked me if the face on the cover of my book, The Tokyo Cover Girls belongs to me. I get it. With my youthful skin and sleek physique, I basically look like I’m still a teenager. Alas, I thought I should probably give credit to my cover model and introduce […]

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5 Things in Your Closet That Could Kill You

lipstick with knife

Forget the boogey man. Though the real threats lurking in your bedroom closet or bathroom cabinet may be a lot cuter than the fat green monster that terrorized your childhood, they are also a lot deadlier. From foot ware to cosmetics, check out these 5 things you use everyday that are way more lethal than you could imagine. 1. […]

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5 Fashion Models Killed (or almost) by Photo Shoots

bleeding camera

Shooting a Vogue cover sounds like a glamorous job but what happened to these girls was more horror show than haute couture! In a weird twist, #4 is almost the exact same thing that happened in one of the scenes in my novel, The Tokyo Cover Girls! Either that is some weird coincidence or I’m starting to […]

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Review of Model: A Memoir by Cheryl Diamond

  Think the Wizard of Oz, but with an orange cat instead of a little black dog…and more eating disorders. Cheryl Diamond is an aspiring model facing the world on her own for the first time…in stillettos. Having landed a contract with a New York agency, this plucky teen packs up her cat and heads for […]

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The Tokyo Cover Girls Blog Tour: Coming this September

The count down is on (and I mean the one that doesn’t involve a small human forcing its way through my nether regions)! In just a couple months my blog tour will officially commence. I’m not sure what to expect but am psyched to see that a) the sign ups are now open and b) […]

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The Tokyo Cover Girls in Real Life

Da da da da! After many many years (why put a number on it?) my indie published book is now a real thing. The Tokyo Cover Girls is a young adult novel about three teens modeling in Tokyo who are trapped in a competition where the only escape is to uncover the truth behind a […]

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100-mile Earrings by Indigenous weaver, Shirley Brown

I was expecting glass jars with cotton beards and raisin oatmeal cookies when I attended the craft fair at Mt.Pleasant Elementary yesterday. Instead, I met Shirley Brown, a cedar bark weaver and jewelry maker. A year ago, before I’d heard of things like the WhoMadeMyClothes campaign and the True Cost Documentary I probably would have admired Shirley’s […]

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