Review of Model: A Memoir by Cheryl Diamond



Think the Wizard of Oz, but with an orange cat instead of a little black dog…and more eating disorders.

Cheryl Diamond is an aspiring model facing the world on her own for the first time…in stillettos. Having landed a contract with a New York agency, this plucky teen packs up her cat and heads for the Big Apple. While there are some little bumps along the way (like um, living in a storage locker and crap, it can’t be that hard to find a lost cat in Times Square?), Diamond never gives up. And thanks to her kick-ass and stellar ballet moves, pirouettes  her way onto one catwalk after another.

While I would have liked to learn more about Diamond–what inspired her to become a model, who is she crushing on, does she ever like her cat is secretly planning to kill her?) Model offers a great and realistic look into the day-to-day struggles of a New York fashion model. That is, a New York fashion models whose family doesn’t have its own reality show.

Check it out on Amazon or on Simon and Schuster.

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