Who’s that girl? Test your fashion model know-how

Linda Evangelista

So I was at my local thrift store when I stumbled upon this 80’s-era knitting magazine featuring a 19-year old version of one of the fashion world’s most iconic fashion models. But the really surprising part? Despite being totally dated, these styles are still pretty awesome–YES THOSE ARE ORANGE FISHNET GLOVES!!

Linda Evangelistaimg138Linda Evangelistaimg136

Is she going to church or taking a spin on her hog? NO ONE can tell.img141

If you didn’t already figure it out this is none other than the legendary Linda Evangelista. One of the modelling industry’s most kick-ass beauties (even without tangerine pants, though they help).

3 thoughts on “Who’s that girl? Test your fashion model know-how

    1. This is awesome! Thanks for this amazing
      post! I’ve never seen these pics before! And to respond to Jackie: Yes, Linda went to Tokyo as a teen to model and they wanted to her to do nudity. She refused and returned home and later gave it another go in New York and Paris where she became a mega-model!

      1. Glad you liked it and thanks for the bit of Linda trivia. I guess that means I could have been a supermodel if I had ditched out of my Tokyo trip (and you know, had Linda’s killer cat eyes and never ending thighs).

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