Book Review: Do You Want to be a Model?, a fashion memoir by Ines Crnokrak Skerlic

There is something totally fascinating about seeing bad things happen to pretty people–especially when there is tons of gore involved.

Enter Do You Want to be a Model?, the real-life story of a young Serbian teen navigating her way through the stuff of fashion nightmares–from model apartments that would make your skin crawl (literally) to embezzlement-prone fashion agents with a penchant for lying.

Do You Want To Be A ModelWhat I like most about the book is Crnokrak Skerlic’s kick-ass girlboss attitude. This is one chick who isn’t afraid to demand a dish of blue Smarties at her next Chanel shoot just because she can.

The writing is kind of rough and reads more like a diary than a memoir. But I’m sure mine would be too if I tried to do it in Russian or whatever language they speak in Belgrade, so whatevs.

All in all an, Do You Want to be a Model? is a fun journey and well worth a peak–even if there aren’t any dead bodies in it.

Stay fabulous,


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