Exposing (insta) Lies: Five Models Confess the Truth about their Instagram Addictions

We all like getting likes, right? Sadly, for fashion models collecting Instagram followers isn’t just a hobby but something they are forced to do to promote their careers. The result is a lot of pretty pictures that hide a much darker reality. These five models are sharing the truth about Instagram and the modelling life.

1. Essena O’Neill:

Essena O'Neill

Essena O’Neill was a 19-year-old Instagram star whose massive following landed her contracts modelling clothes and other products–until she announced she was shutting her account. O’Neill says social media made her miserable and that she was sickened by how fake all of her photos were.

2. Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson is a model based in London who says the pressure to share the private details of her life in order to attract followers and impress clients led her to fabricate all kind of pictures. Pearson dishes on the truth behind her pics in this amazing article. Check out her Instagram account at @1rebeccapearson or on her blog.

3.  Jazz Egger

Jazz Egger

Jazz Egger is an Austrian model who has worked with brands like Moschino and walked in London Fashion Week. Tired of trying to produce perfect posts about her life and body, she started re-captioning her pictures with her real thoughts, doubts, and insecurities–along with the hashtag #thruthbehindthisshot.

Check out her Instagram account at @jazzegger

4 &5. Shit Model Mgmt


Shit Model Mgmgt is run by two New York-based models who started the account to expose (and laugh at) the pressures they face on a day-to-day basis. Due to concerns over how their criticism could affect their careers the girls have chosen to remain anonymous. Check out their Instagram account at @shitmodelmgmt.

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