Girl on the Brink: Mystery Thriller Week Book Review

It’s books like these that make me realize how lucky Bella was that Edward didn’t turn out to be a creep underneath all that undead skin (Seriously. Just imagine the stalking potential from a guy that can watch you through your bedroom window–even if it happens to be on the top of 50-storey tower).

vampire stalker boyfriend

The main character from Christina Hoag‘s YA Suspense/Thriller, Girl on the Brink, is not so fortunate.

Meet Chloe, a level-headed 17 year-old that appears to embarking upon the summer of her dreams when she lands an internship at the local paper. Sure, things aren’t exactly peachey at home with her mom getting drunk and stoned all the time to avoid dealing with the loss of her husband. But whatevs, this girl boss has no problem cleaning up a few barf stains on the living from couch between news assignments. Then he arrives.

Kieran is handsome and older and funny and appears to absolutely adore Chloe. However, as their summer romance progresses, a darker, bitterness begins to poke through Prince Charming’s golden exterior. When Kieran’s love suddenly turns destructive Chloe must tap into her inner Diane Sawyer to survive.

Girl On The Brink

I really liked how realistic this book felt. The ugly side of Kieren’s personality is revealed in tiny morsels alongside the good that made him feel very alive to me. In fact, I had a few boyfriend flashbacks while reading the novel that made him feel a little too real at times.

But by far, my fave fave part of the book was how Chloe was able to take control of the situation and kick-some ass, without having to kick any real ass in the process.

All told, this book is a must-read for all girl bosses in-training–at least the ones that plan on dating before they turn 40 (no judgement).


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