Review: The Secret Billionaire

The Secret Billionaire

by Teymour Shahabi
Genre: YA Mystery
Release Date: September 2016

An orphan, a private school, and a missing fortune.

Teymour Shahabi’s The Secret Billionaire follows the misadventures of Andrew, a teen boy without a family as he struggles to fit into a posh new school, only to find himself stumbling upon one bucket of weirdness after another. Who is the benefactor behind the generous scholarship that gave him his new, uber-exclusive new life? Who is haunting the local deserted mansion? And why the hell is that oddly well-dressed man trying to shoot him?

The Secret Billionaire has all the elements of a classic mystery, however it is also so much more that. Instead of racing through the book to find out what was happening and why, I found myself meandering like a blue-eyed girl in field of poppies. Every snippet of writing is seeped in a carefully crafted charm that simply can’t be rushed.

The Secre Billionaire by Seymour Shahabi

From the diamond, bow-tie shaped cufflinks to the curious messages flapping cloud-ward behind the occasional airplane, this novel offered a combination of whimsy and stoicism that made me feel like I was in a Wes Anderson movie—but you know, with less Bill Murray.

Seymour Shahabi

The Secret Billionaire is as delightful as a box of earl-grey macaroons and I look forward to the sequel.

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Secret Billionaire

  1. Thank you so much Jackie! Your kind words are a box of early-grey macaroons + a jar of Nutella banana bread pudding. Your eloquence, whimsy, and thoughtfulness have made an indie author’s week (at least). Thank you!

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