Twitter-ature lied to me


Just got an email from my agent telling me that more work needs to be done on my second ever attempt at novel writing and I have to admit, I am very, very disapointed. Some may call me impatient, and maybe I am, but hey–it’s not my fault!

Micro-fiction, one-day book writing contests, and twitter-ature. Everywhere I look the writing world seems to be all about the Instant Process, about getting things done in as few minutes and characters as possible–because hey, writing a novel is easy, right?

Well, writing a novel might be easy, but writing a good one I am starting to realize is not about third or fourth drafts, try seven.

SO yes, SIGH, instead of signing a contract with Penguin, here I go again, opening up that dusty old lap top with the sticky V key, to pour in another 10 000 hours.

One day I will publish that book, in the meanwhile, I should probably spend less time on twitter.

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