Things that inspire me to write #96: 1000 awesome things blog

Reading Neil Pasricha’s blog about all the things he’s grateful for is definitely a smile-rising experience, but it’s the story of the blogs creation that captivates me most.

According to a radio interview I heard on CBC with the author, Neil first set a goal of 1000 hits for his blog–and when he met that one, set a higher goal for 10 000 hits, then  after that it was 100 000, then a million, then a book contract. Each time Neil met a goal, he set himself an even bigger one–and has three different versions of his initial book in print to show for it. And it all started from one single post.

Every time I think of the power of Neil’s goal setting success, I am reminded of the power of positive thinking–and why I should be doing exactly that.

So, Thank you Neil Pasricha and your 1000 awesome things blog, you inspire me.

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