Things that inspire me to write #92: 14 year old Annaleise Carr

At fourteen years of age, Annaleise Carr became the youngest person to swim across the frigid and turbulent waters of Lake Ontario last august. She did it to raise money for children and families affected by cancer. It was a long and cold and dark journey with five foot waves and 10 – 15 knot wind that took her 27 hours and included a good six hour stint where she was cut off from contact with her parents–but she made it.

Sometimes, writing is kind of like that too–long, lonely, dreary and sure not nearly quite so cold but I have been getting some wrist pain lately. However, just when I think I’ll give up for the day, I think hey, if Annaleise can make it to the other side, than so the hell can I. At least for one more page.

So thank you, Annaleise Carr, you inspire me.

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