Things that inspire me to write #52: My writing group

writing group
Elizabeth and Laura at the Lyceum


As if the cheese and chocolate dipped cookies weren’t enough, I went to a meeting of my monthly writing group last night, housed out of Christianne’s Lyceum and was once again reminded of the power of community in the creative process.

I have always prized my writing groups as a place where I gain new insights into my work and much needed encouragement, however last night I missed out on most of that–having to dash out early to get my toddler to bed. And I was totally okay with that, because as I hurried down the icy sidewalk to my care I realized that the writing group also provides me with something else just as important to my work: creative immersion. In other words, the opportunity to hear about and be energized by other people’s projects and passions–such as Laura Farina (author of This Woman Alphabetical) and her lovely poetry.


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