Why Blog: self leadership for writers


Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Most things I do, experience, clean the dishes, revise budgets, edit my manuscript, have a distinct goal in mind. Money. Fitness. Clean counters.

But not for this. I have spent probably hundreds of hours creating posts for my blog with no clear outcome in mind.

Sometimes I think I am crazy for doing so. Or masochistic. Or stupid.

However, turns out I am actually just taking a proactive approach to navigating my career and personal development–or self-leadership.

“Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science, indirectly suggests how we could put self-leadership into practice today. Her advice is to “start something and watch what happens”. The “something” could be as simple as answering an email that, under normal circumstances, you’d delete immediately. (source)”

So yes, I don’t really know where this blog journey will take me—but I am developing skills along the way, creating relationships with new people, and generally seeping myself in all kind of positive career development-ness that will probably, but not certainly take me somewhere in the end.

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