Things that inspire me to write #74: Dear Teen Me

Adolescence—it is a brutal stage of life filled with anxiety and doubt but wonderful highs I could probably only achieve these days with illegal drugs.

And it’s for that reason that I am always drawn to that period of life as the setting for my manuscripts. And what better way to truly connect to that world than to write it it a letter? Enter Dear Teen Me, a blog (and now book) where YA authors give advice, understanding and forgiveness to their former teen selves. Having just drafted up one to myself, not only did it spur a little creative fire by reminding me what life was like for me back then, but also a little self-loving too.

So thank you Dear Teen Me, you inspire me.

3 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #74: Dear Teen Me

  1. Dear teen , im a huge fan of one direction i always wanted to see one direction in person and in consert and i have posters of 1D everywere and i leason to them every day and night soo i want you to help me see them in person plezz help thank u and if u help i well be happy every day plezz help thank u again 🙂
    Love ,Julissa Rivera btw im 15 and single 🙂

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