Things that inspire me to write #73: Fluevog Shoes


There are cakes, and then there are double chocolate tuxedo cakes. There is coffee and then there are hazelnuts Americanos. There are shoes, and then there are Fluevogs.

Curving lines, flared heels, and funky-licious black trim—whenever I put on my maroon Mini Darlings I can’t decide if I feel like going out for lobster consomme at C restaurant–or kicking some ass in the alley out back.

And every pair of Fleuvogs is just as unique as these, always integrating some new and imaginative element that makes them come alive in a way you are not likely to see on the shelves of Payless, once again reminding me of the power of a little creativity—in shoe design and writing.

So thank you Fluevog shoes, you inspire me.

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