Things that inspire me to write #72: Westerly Hand Made Shoes


This is Renee. When I first met her she was answering phones and making photo copies as an office temp one floor below me. Then she gave it all up and began a career in something different altogether: shoe making.

As much as I love to wear them, I’ve never really considered making them. Cobbling is one of those art forms you simply don’t hear that much about—there is only one John Fluevog after all, while here are dozens of Margaret Atwoods–which is exactly why pursuing such a goal can be that much more difficult. However, Renee did—and is now launching her own line of shoes called Westerly Hand Made Shoes–reminding me once again of the power of passion.

So thank you Renee and Westerly Hand Made Shoes, you inspire me.

2 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #72: Westerly Hand Made Shoes

  1. Beautiful review of Renee. And thank as for the link to her site. Dozens of Margaret Atwoods… Yep but not really. I like your style.

    1. Ha ha yes, there is only really one Atwood…though there are many writers that are as equally well celebrated. Thanks for reading!

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