Things that inspire me to write #70: Stephanie Meyer

An agent once told me that most authors don’t get published till their third manuscript. On a blog I was reading the other day, it was four. Now, considering my first manuscript took me about five years to write that would mean, according to this rule of thumb, I can expect to see my name on the side of a paperback when I’m about…dead.

Stephanie Meyer clearly did not read the same post. Not only was the international bestselling novel, Twilight, her first ever manuscript, but her first real venture into fiction writing whatsoever. And did I mention international bestselling? Apparently, even rules of thumb can be broken.

So thank you Stephanie Meyer, you inspire me.

3 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #70: Stephanie Meyer

  1. I just heard from my agent that he has offers from two different publishers and it is my first manuscript. So don’t give up! I can whole heartedly recommend my agent, he is the best! And he loves first time authors. His name is Owen Burnham, his agency is L & C Literary Agency in the UK –
    Good Luck!

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