Things that inspire me to write #63: This cake

When I was ten my mom made me a quilt with my name in the centre and words like ‘creative’ , ‘funny’ and ‘clever’ sewn around it in pink and yellow satin.

I thought it was pretty embersassing at the time, hiding it under my bed whenever I had friends over, however years later I have to admit that I kind of wish I still had it. Now that I’m an adult I find it’s only too easy to find myself bogged down by critical thoughts and self doubt–wrapping myself up in warm hug of flattery at the end of the day sure couldn’t hurt.

Though I don’t have the quilt I do have this cake, which was given to me when I left my job at the Environmental Youth Alliance several years ago and still sits on my desktop. On those grey and lonely writing days when I feel like I have soooo much farther to go before that next manuscript is anywhere near being done, looking at this encouraging message gives me just that little bit of energy I need to keep on slogging.

So thank you cake, you inspire me.

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