Things that inspire me to write #61: Julia Cameron

Juliia Cameron

I was hit with a quick but potent round of the stomach yesterday and for once, found myself completely unwilling and uninterested in sitting down at the computer.

However, in those precious moments between Dora the Explorer episodes when I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself, I did get to thinking about writing and pain and was reminded of something I read in The Artist’s Way a long time ago.

The author, Julia Cameron, talked about her break up with her then husband Martin Scorsese and how she used the subsequent feelings of anger and betrayal to produce the screen play for the movie God’s Will.

Of course, nausea and headaches are a  little different than heartbreak, but it does go to show that even the most miserable experience can be fodder for the creative spirit. Who knows? Maybe I will need to write a pivotal vomit scene in my next paranormal romance. Or something like that. Either way, it’s a good little nugget to keep in mind when the going gets tough–on or off the computer.

So thank you Julia Cameron, you inspire me.

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