Things that inspire me to write #58: Gingerbread Lane

gingerbread house

Little knitted booties, paper and ribbon greeting cards with hand-dyed envelopes, double dipped, cashew dusted truffles. December is definitely the king of arts and crafts–and there is no event which takes it to the extreme like Vancouver’s Gingerbread Lane.

Hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, its a veritable feast for the creative appetite  featuring some of the most elaborate,  finely crafted and just plain fun edible accommodations I have ever seen–everything from cherry and lemon stained glass windows to Vera Wang clad cookie divas. Not to mention one 11 feet tall, 16 feet wide gingerbread house that I would consider moving in to if it was a little more rain resistant (this is Vancouver after all).  The organizations participating in this holiday display truly take Christmas baking to the next level–something that I can only hope to do in my writing.

So thank you Gingerbread Lane, you inspire me.

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