Things that inspire me to write #33: This Quote from Jane Buchanan


Where do your ideas come from? My mother-in-law asked me this question a few weeks ago, and I have been pondering over it ever since. Where do I get my ideas? Am I getting them from the right place? Should I be getting them from somewhere better? Ahhh! I’m doing this wrong!!

Thankfully, this afternoon as I was reading  stories to my two year old, a little piece of wisdom grabbed hold of me just before I totally lost it.

Seed Magic by Jane Buchanan was one of the books which found it’s way into our laps, and as I was glancing at the author’s bio on back inside cover I was struck by a quote included within it, stating that Mrs Buchanan gets inspiration for her writing “from everywhere [she] goes, everything [she] reads everyone [she] meets.”

What I really like about this description is that it reminds me that there is no right or wrong way of doing things, and that what matters most is simply keeping my eyes and ears and mind open all the time—because you never know when an idea will strike.

So thank you Jane Buchanan, you inspire me.

4 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #33: This Quote from Jane Buchanan

  1. Just by being open to new ideas, trying new things & going to new places you can learn so much about the world & about yourself. Always keep learning…

    1. So true! Though in her defense I do believe it only came from a place of curiosity rather than skepticism. My brood of self doubt and insecurity is probably the real culprit…

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