Things that inspire me to write #15: Being a mom


This little baby turned three this week.

And sure, I was happy for him and all that, but having been so preoccupied wondering what I could possibly purchase for someone who has just barely cracked into their Christmas windfall, I hadn’t really thought about the significance of my son’s milestone until this morning when I was helping him on to the potty. Then it hit me.

Holy crappers, I have been cleaning someone else’s bum for three years. I haven’t had a lazy afternoon in three years. I haven’t slept through the night uninterrupted in three very long years.

Wow. If I can do all that, and still manage to get up in the morning, then I can do anything.

So thank you motherhood, you inspire me.

2 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #15: Being a mom

  1. Enjoy him now. Live in the moment. They grow up too fast. Motherhood is the most demanding & the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Nothing is so inspiring & yet so humbling…

    1. No kidding! I can’t believe how fast three years have gone by already! Thanks for the thoughts, a good reminder.

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