Things that inspire me to write #14: Jessica Chastain

Studded with enough famous faces and sparkly dresses to launch a period drama, the Golden Globe Awards have never felt any more real to me than any other Hollywood production—until last night.

“I have wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl and I have worked for a really long time I’ve auditioned and struggled and fought and been on the sidelines for years and to be here now in this moment, it’s a beautiful feeling,” said Jessica Chastain, accepting her award for Best Actress.

Listening to her emotion filled voice reveal how hard she worked to pursue her dream, and how ecstatic she was at finally achieving it, I couldn’t help but feel a burst of excitement myself–for Jessica and for all those working towards difficult goals of their own. Yes, it is hard work, but as she showed us last night, it is possible.

So thank you Jessica, you inspire me.

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