Things that inspire me to write #12: Flat Handbags

Flat Handbags

As a former bike commuter, I went through a hell of a lot of inner tubes at one time (I swear someone must sprinkle my street with prickles and really rusty nails on a regular basis). However, not once did I see my wheel innards as anything more than dirty dump destined rubber. But this lady sure did.

Shannon Hames, founder of Flat Handbags, turned her garbage into fashion inspiration, creating a line of super awesome handbags (Yes, I own one and am already salivating after that sweet marble one) out of old inner tubes and reclaimed fabric.

Too often I get so caught up in the everyday routines of life, the world around me becomes almost invisible—Shannon’s handbags remind me to wake up and start looking. You never know what ideas might come to you,

So thank you Shannon Hames, you inspire me.

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