Something that I learned about writing today: Good feedback is like bad weather


I got some pretty critical feedback regarding a manuscript last week, and I won’t deny it, the comments left me feeling pretty DEVASTATED  at first. What do you mean that character wasn’t developed? What do you meant there are lots of loose ends. What do you mean it’s not totally perfect!!

However, like a torrential blast of wind and rain that makes me want to curl up in my room and never come out again, I have finally gotten past my initial, emotional response and miracle of miracles: a beautiful sunny day, full of possibility now lies in front of me.

Yes, it was painful, but that dose of really thoughtful feedback has made me see my manuscript in fresh, new, and exciting ways. I can’t wait to get at it.

6 thoughts on “Something that I learned about writing today: Good feedback is like bad weather

      1. Very. I’m writing psych thrillers. Third person omniscient POV. In my opinion, the characters’ actions (punching mirrors, rolling eyes, trembling hands, etc) convey their emotions just fine. I feel like stating “Lyla was so angry she punched the mirror” sounds pretty third grade. I’m waiting to see what my editor says.

  1. As long as it’s constructive, but I like to keep in mind it’s still your manuscript and one person’s comments don’t mean that they are correct. Keep what you wanted in mind when you are editing and don’t just go with what they told you to fix. I love that photograph–absolutely stunning!

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