Goodsreads poll on how not get dumped


Sometimes all my sentences sound stunted. Other times I wonder what is wrong with me that I can’t spell ‘unfortuentley’ right for once? Then I become Totally Convinced that my main character is as fake and unbelievable as Apple Pie Extra. Then I cry.

Thankfully none of that apparently matters—at least 46.4% of the time.

According to a recent Goodreads poll the most common reason readers abandon books (that is aside from coffee and bath mishaps) is because they are slow and or boring.

Okay yes, it’s probably not a good idea to aim for bad writing or shallow character development, but it’s kind of reassuring to know that so long as I make my plot SHIT hot, I’m good.

Bring on the sex and violence, baby.

2 thoughts on “Goodsreads poll on how not get dumped

  1. I always know if I cant read what I’ve written without skimming ahead, theres a problem. Yes, I agree, a little steam never hurts. I like to make it steamy without actually showing the steam, though 😉 (devilish laugh ) keeps ’em turning pages wondering when they’ll see it !

    1. Exactly…I think the most capitivating material is that which releases only a little hot sauce at a time…thanks for the comment!

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