Louis C.K.: It’s good to feel bad

Today is my birthday. It’s also the first time in three weeks that I haven’t spent every free moment reading and applying for every job posting that I could possibly be qualified for that doesn’t involve turquoise visors and head mics.

Because today, in honor of the anniversary of my arrival in this life, I have decided to take Louis C.K.’s advice and for just  a few moments, let all the worries about  how much my self worth is valued in the marketplace, how high the balance was on my last mortgage statement, and how few likes I got on that sunflower pic I posted on instagram this morning wash over me and not turn to my computer or my phone or the flat screen for relief, but just experience them.

Altogether, it only lasted about three minutes before I gave in to the desire for distraction (okay 29 seconds), but Louis was right. After the crappiness and pain and panic subsided, I discovered a little bit of sunshine tucked down there.

So thanks for the bday prezzie, C.K.

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