Making space for awesomeness…and some new writerly freinds



There is nothing like moving to make me ball like a teacup chiuaua. It happened when I went to Japan, then again when I  moved across the country to Ottawa, and most recently, just a few kilometres away from my Vancouver home—thus giving up my cozy little apartment, my friends, my workplace, and my writing group in one fell, gut-wrenching sweep.

Being unemployed is scary enough, but the thought of having to survive without my monthly wine-and-cookies-fuelled ‘that-passage-was-A-mazing’ support group was leaving me feeling pretty damn low all of last week.

However, something happened today that reminded me of the value in creating room in your life for what you want: I got a job.

[INSERT eratic-robot-happy-dance here]

My new position is everything I had been hoping for. And if that can happen, I can only assume that is a new group of interesting authors somewhere in my new hood, just waiting for me to stumble upon them.  Hopefully, with Malbec.


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