Alice Munro: hope for late bloomers like me

Alice Munro

Craig’s List made me cry today. And it’s all my fault.

I normally confine my job searches on said site to the admin/office assistant range, however today I made the mistake of browsing all sorts of interesting positions–psychiatric nurse, veterinarian, deep water fishing guide–that I am totally NOT qualified for. It was like window shopping at Holt and Renfrew only instead of a sparkly black Gucci dress that I would probably never have a chance to wear anyway, a dozen different professions so much more exciting and interesting than my own dangled just out of reach before me. And I couldn’t help but wonder…What the Hell am I Doing with my Life again?
Fortunately, I happened to read about Alice Munro’s recent Nobel Prize and I am feeling a lot better because of it. Not because she’s a Canadian or a woman, but because of something I didn’t realize until today: she didn’t publish her first collection till she 37.
I am a writer. That was, and still is my choice. And just because I’m not there yet, it doesn’t mean I won’t ever be. Thanks for the reminder Alice.

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