Creativity through Mindfulness: Advice from Brenda Ueland


It happened again. Despite so many pinky-swear-sealed promises that I would most definitely and certainly get back to my manuscript and write a WHOLE chapter this week, I didn’t even manage to power up my laptop.

I need help. Luckily, I found some in the form of Brenda Ueland’s book, If You Want to Write: A Book About Art, Independence, and SpiritMy mom lent it to me, and though I was a little dismayed by the abundance of references to things I have never read like Tolstoi and Blake…and the Ten Commandments (perhaps I should be moving beyond redit and zombie romance novels), Ueland’s book is filled with all kinds of useful and inspiring reflections. Like this one: “Creative power flourishes only when I am living in the present.”

As someone who is almost always mentally tabulating  all of the of things I need to do to make life happen—perhaps that is the problem. Maybe in order to get back into the creative flow, I need to start by getting back to the now. Worth a shot…after all how hard can it be?

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