Why all writers should be fluent in Dr. Dre


A radio producer once told me I sound like I have rocks in my mouth when I talk. She was not the first. People have been asking me if I’m from somewhere else all my life. I’m not. That thing they think is some kind of exotic backstory is just a big fat lazy tongue.

Or maybe it’s my lips. Either way, reading my work aloud at workshops or events has not been pretty. Thankfully, I recently discovered a totally free, boot camp for tongues: hip hop.

I performed a rap song about post-secondary education at a local conference a few weeks ago and practicing the lyrics leading up to the event was the hardest workout my mouth has ever had. Sure, I may have made a total idiot of myself on the stage (somehow I remember overalls looking way cuter on me when I was 15) but I definitely think I ground those rocks down to at least pebbles. So next time I read a few pages to my writing group, who knows? They may even be able to understand them.

And it’s always good to have a back up career…

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