See what I mean: my latest graphic recording


I have a tendency to space out during talks and lectures and life in general. So, to combat that habit and force myself to make meaning out of the wisdom and knowledge that is shared with me I have been creating graphic illustrations to represent my ‘takeaways’ from these types of learning events. This one captured I talk I attended focused on how graduate students can begin plotting out their career paths in ways that don’t involve the traditional tenure-track route. The end result turned out a little more cartoony than I intended but the speaker (Jennifer Polk) seemed to appreciate that aspect. In fact, her incredible reception to it (along with all of her followers) made me realize that perhaps that goofy element is a part of my visual voice.


One thought on “See what I mean: my latest graphic recording

  1. Love it! It has a broader application than just post-academia…
    I like the inclusion of the support factor. People forget that and think they are all on their own.

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