Review: Quintina by Meghan Riley

 Rating: Three out of Five Stars

I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of a YA Bound Book Tour.

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(If you haven’t read the first novel in this series, Anna, be warned the following summary may spoil some of the plot surprises from that book).

Quintina, Book 2 in The Starseed Series, is about a teen girl who is forced to navigate a new life when she wakes up on an alien planet in an alien (though luckily, smoking hot) body.

A galaxy away from Earth, Anna (whose new name is Quintina) is experiencing some major culture shock as she tries to make sense of her new situation. Though the life forms tending to her do not have three eyes or green skin and generally look pretty human, they speak a language she can’t understand. Not only that, but the showers are about as satisfying as a decaf, sugar-free vanilla, non-fat latte. And no, the jelly legs aren’t helping.

But the real shocker comes when Anna discovers that world outside her window with red lawns and not a Starbucks to be seen is actually her birth home! Cray cray.

Like some kind of inter-galactic Freaky Friday experiment gone wrong, Anna’s ‘soul’ was ripped from her body and sent to Earth 17 years earlier, where it was implanted in an infant girl. Though she recalls nothing of her former life, it quickly becomes clear that if she ever hopes to go back to the third planet from the sun she had better change that–and fast.

Of course, like all good lost identities, hers comes equipped with a riddle of secrets and betrayals that catapult her on a journey to correct a 17-year old injustice that has cost an innocent man, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, his life and freedom.

My Response:

What I enjoyed most about this novel was all the girls (to take a line from Matt Damon in The Martian) ‘sciencing the shit’ out of things.  Anna and the people responsible for her banishment are pioneers in the field of astro physics. As we learn about the suspicious circumstances surrounding why she was sent away, we also get treated to some super-smart sounding stuff about how. Though I didn’t understand a lot of it, it was still a refreshing change from Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt’s recent comments that women are nothing more than a sexy distraction in the lab.

However, despite the learning fun, I found that the action and tension was a little slow and underdeveloped at the beginning of this novel and I struggled to get through the first 30 pages. As well, while I enjoyed the details about how this new planet differed from our own green and blue homestead, the sense of alien-ness was more on the level of visiting a foreign country rather than foreign galaxy. As well, there was one plot point that the author didn’t address and that left me feeling a little un-settled (though that may be because I’m nine months pregnant right now): if Anna’s soul basically highjacked a baby 17-years ago, does that mean the soul that was meant for that newborn was snuffed out?

Despite these weaknesses, I still left the book feeling a little smarter, a little empowered, and generally glad that I’d read it.

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Book Details:

Quintina (The Starseed Series #2)
by Meghan Riley
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Release Date: 2016

Purchase links:

Quintina (Book 2) – Paperback | eBook

Anna (Book 1) – Paperback | eBook

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