Book Review: The Stories Models Never Tell

Because nothing says fabulous like strutting the runway in a remote desert compound where the armed guards are so FREAKING terrifying that you’d rather pee in a bottle than ask to use the loo.

Enter the The Stories Models Never Tell, a memoir written and published by former model Christine Hart. The book follows Hart’s career in the fashion industry–a journey that took her to studios and catwalks throughout Spain, France, Italy, Greece, New York (cause it’s basically like a country, right?) and even Libya.

The Stories Models Never Tell

Christine is a pretty amazing lady–and not just because, like one of my main characters she had a secret identity as a law student during her model days–but for loads of other  reasons, too. Like…

a)  she started as a model at 25, an age when most girls retire, and still managed to SLAY the industry.

b) she got kicked out of New York’s Ford Agency because she refused to cut her vacay short and then was like, “whatevs, bitches.”

and c) she survived a super sketchy trip to Libya to model really bad wigs for a military dictator in his very secluded and heavily guarded desert compound.

The writing is not amazing amazing but if you are craving some glitter and glamour with your non-fat lattes and pain au chocolates, The Stories Models Never Tell is definitely worth a peak.

Buy it at Amazon here.




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