Whoot whoot! one more step closer!

though unrelated to this post, this is me and my niece. isn't she a doll?

Yay for me! My manuscript revisions–which took me about three months to complete and involved reworking practically every damn paragraph in what I now call the BEASTIE–have been accepted by my agent.

I think her exact words were ‘excellent and stunning’.

Okay, I maybe those weren’t exact words, but they were definitely good ones, which means I am now one step closer to publication.

And that isn’t the best of it. In addition to releasing me (if temporarily) from the torture of never ending rewrites, she asked me to send a bio and synopsis.

Let me tell you, I may not actually be published yet, but there is nothing like writing half a dozen pithy sentences about oneself to make you feel like you are. I’m practically still glowing from the excercise, which is why I’m serisouly consdiering doing it on a regular basis.

Why not? If I don’t give myself accolades, who will? (mothers excluded)

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