In Search of the Ultimate Author Bio

at least i have my picture already picked out...

Recently, agent (and yes, writing that phrase still makes me feel all special and bubbly inside)  asked me to put together bio. And I must say, so far the task has proved even more challenging than writing the 58 000 manuscript it is supposed to be promoting.

What makes a great author bio?  What makes an author bio, period?

I have been reading many back book flaps in search of the answers to those questions and far have concluded that the most important piece of information to include in said life summary are

a) whether you own a cat and

b) your position on cupcakes.

Okay yeah, there’s also all that stuff about the millions of other books and Important Awards you have won, but for those of us that aren’t Meg Cabot or Meg Rosoff or any other kind of Meg than that you may have to skip over that bit for now.

Which leaves me with about two sentences identifying the place I live and my lack of feline companionship. That’s right, my entire existence summarized in less characters than a tweet. Seriously, its kind of depressing.

So hey, if you have read an awesome bio lately, let me know. I would love to plagiarize it. I mean get inspired by it. I could really use the help…

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