the perpetual wannabe…

Now that I’m no longer two, I don’t often get chastised—but I did recently.  It happened after I referred to myself as a wannabe writer in an email, to which my friend replied “dude, don’t you think you’re more than that by now?”

I don’t.

Funny thing is I remember feeling the exact same way when I first started modeling. Despite having a dozen pictures in my book clearly displaying my future fashion icon potential, I told myself that I wasn’t a real model till I got a paid gig. Then when that happened, I decided I wouldn’t be a real model till I was on the cover of a magazine. It just kind of kept going after that.

So this time round, I won’t make that mistake. Yes, I am a real writer, right now, right here, even if I don’t have a hard-bound book to prove it.

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