The Great Publishing Hole of Darkness and Death

a fruit representation of a fractured skull (since the real deal would be way too gross)

Publishing a book is no straightforward feat.

Thus far in the process, I have  a) produced a manuscript b) secured an agent and am c) still totally full of questions.

Yesterday I received an email from said agent acknowledging receipt of my revised manuscript; however, I did not receive any response to my most pressing question: What Happens Next?

Will there be even more edits? Or will she send it directly off to publishers now? And if so, does she just wait around to hear from them or phone them up to say ‘hey, waddya think of that awesome manuscript I sent?’ And most importantly, how long will it take before I get to see my name printed across some glossy hard cover?

Who knows where it will go from here—if anywhere–but I will definitely report on each step along the way, even if it’s one of those uneven ones that trips me up and sends me plummeting towards the basement floor where I fracture my skull and soak for days in a pool of my own blood.

Though I might be dead then, so maybe not.

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