Rejected! Me! Book! Now! Sucks!!

OUCH! My first proper publisher rejection!

After telling me that my story was compelling, said publisher, who I will not name specifically (except to say that they are often eaten by killer whales and march in a waddling-like fashion) gave it a pass.

I know, I know, writers have to have a tough skin blah blah blah. My mom told me the same thing when I was 10 and that Olsen kid kept saying I had a Pumpkin-shaped head. It didn’t work then either. The only thing that really ever does is chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.

Anyway, onwards, as my agent likes to say. Or downwards, I guess we’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Rejected! Me! Book! Now! Sucks!!

  1. Just wanted to say: Keep going and you’re on way, if you weren’t you wouldn’t have a (reject) letter to prove it, yet alone an agent, and of course the DRIVE! Your fellow writers and future readers are rooting for you!

  2. You made it into the hands of an agent and then a real, big, publisher and they actually read it and wrote you a rejection letter. Wow, I would actually call that three wins and one let down. Not bad for a first book. Seriously, I think it is a sign to pick up your pages and “keep on keepin’ on!”

  3. thanks merissa, you are right of course but i must admit i have had quite a few penguin dreams dancing in my head…or waddling as the case my be. But yes, I am now back it, its just hard to get told no…as we all know i guess…

  4. I hear you, it is hard to hear no, but I was just thinking, getting published is probably a bit like dating – you just need to meet the right match. And there is one out there for you!

  5. Rejections suck, I know I’ve had my fair share. After the initial ‘it’s not fair’ cry and stomping of feet I put it down to experience and carry on. I written about reviews in the same way on my blog (which I’m happy to say you are following, Jackie – thank you!)
    Use that raw emotion in your writing – get your own back!

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