Things that inspire me to write #89: Susan Juby


A couple summers ago I took a writing class with Susan Juby, author of the HILARIOUS teen fiction series, Alice I think.  I have always admired Susan’s work and was very excited to have her teach me the trade for 5 whole days. However, as much as I enjoyed learning dialogue tricks and plot tightening skills from this mistress of the YA novel, the part of the class which stood out for me the most was when she told us about her beginning in the trade.

“I basically flogged my manuscript on the street to anyone who would read it” she told us one hot august afternoon. Years later that same manuscript was the basis for a television series.

There is nothing like hearing the humble beginnings of an excellent–and very successful -author to give me the little spark of hope I need to get through the day sometimes.

So thank you Susan Juby, you inspire me.

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