Things that inspire me to write #56: Willow Tree Bakery

cake, pirate ship, willow tree bakery
photo credit: willow tree cakery

Maybe it’s that CupcakesDaily instagram account I’ve been looking at way too much lately, or those chocolate candy cane sprinkle cookies they were giving out at Costco the other day, but already December has got me thinking about yumminess in a major way. So here I am, celebrating another master of sweet culinary perfection: my friend Heather.

Whereas the cakes I make can’t even manage to be as straight and symmetrical as the box they come from, Heather’s spongy creations, such as this pirate ship for girls which I love for so many reasons (such as that killer glitter skull), are almost too beautiful to eat. This mother of two and founder of Willow Tree Cakery truly puts the art back in culinary arts.

So thank you Heather,  you inspire me.

4 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #56: Willow Tree Bakery

  1. I love that cake!! Too bad she lives in Canada as I live in Arkansas, USA. My daughter’s Birthday is in two weeks. That’s a beautiful job on the cake tho. Looks almost like a toy! 🙂

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