Things that inspire me to write #48: The first sixteen words of Feed

feed-head (1)

There is nothing like a novel’s first line. Setting, character, tone, some delicately hinted at conflict—it’s always intriguing to see how authors blend all of these elements together and hook a reader into their story with little more than a handful of words–and of course, totally impressive. And no opener has ever wowed me more, than that of M.T. Anderson‘s Feed.

“We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.”

Not only did that line totally suck me in to his novel when I first read them years ago, but also quickly introduced me to his protagonist and the world he lived in. Perhaps that is why to this day this line remains emblazoned in mind like some kind of neural tattoo, reminding me of what I too am striving for when I draft my own openers.

So thank you M.T. Anderson, you inspire me.

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