Things that inspire me to write #47: Chocolate Arts


Every year around this time my family and I embark on afternoon of truffle making. It’s a pretty good time–how can anything that involves chocolate, marzipan and liquor filling not be? However, despite all our thermometer watching, ever-so-gentle butter stirring and measured sprinkling–the end results generally resemble very chunky cat-turds.

Making chocolates that looks as good as they taste is no small  look decent is no small feat—which is why I appreciate the work of Chocolate Arts that much more every holiday season. The goodies produced by this Vancouver company, mainly with local, organic ingredients, look more like sculptures then edibles with their intricate designs, delicate shapes and gorgeous colors.

Chocolate Arts truly lives up to their names, reminding me that with enough skill, practice and imagination, anything can be made into a masterpiece–even a ball of cocoa covered marzipan.

So thank you Chocolate Arts, you inspire me.

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