Things that inspire me to write #46: Martha Stewart’s incarceration

Martha Stewart
Photo by nrkbeta sourced at

Metal bars, concrete floor, those super unflattering orange uniforms. If I ever found myself in prison I’m pretty sure I would spend the whole time wallowing in self pity. Martha Stewart, on the other hand, was probably carving bars of soap into matching sofa sets.

Though many people predicted her media empire would be over after her convection, eight years later the woman has not only re-assumed her crown as the queen of all things domestic but was reappointed chair person of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia earlier this year.

I have no idea how she managed to go from prison to corner office in such a short amount of time, however I am sure that it involved a whole lot of perseverance, determination and faith—something that all us starting artists need a lot of,

So thank you Martha, you inspire me.



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